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Susi Krautgartner, #46 of 109 self-portrait after Christopher Williams, 2015.

In her practice Susi Krautgartner explores identity and desire through photography and performance. Self-taught, Krautgartner began at a very young age taking self portraits and retouching them digitally as a means of dealing with personal struggles and her role as a woman in society. Susi Krautgartner engages with cyberculture and especially the cultural practice of self-portraiture. She creates theatrical sets, costumes and make up for her performative work. In her early work she focused on the photographic portraiture of her own face. Krautgartner later enlarged her practice to performance, web based art and musical performances engaging with body politics, gender and identity as feminist agendas. Artists like Cindy Sherman, Elke Krystufek and Sophie Calle have impacted her practice.